Steelseries QCK XXL Review

I have recently bought a Steelseries QCK XXL mouse mat. Until a few days ago I had no idea such massive mouse mats existed at all, but then I saw a video review about the Daskeyboard 4 Professional, and it was instant love! I have had a classic Steelseries QCK for several years and I have always been satisfied, so I was delighted to discover that they had the same, but bigger: Steelseries QCK XXL.

Steelseries QCK XXL: how big is it?

It’s big. If you have never seen one before, you’ll be amazed of long it is. It will take over most of your desk: 900x400x4mm. That’s almost 1 METER of mouse mat! Just like with the Daskeyboard 4 Professional, you have to experience it: Once you lay it down, put your keyboard and mouse on it you will wonder how you have lived until then. The freedom of moving the mouse anywhere on your desk, without the worry of making sure that it is actually upon that square is liberating.  It will be difficult to come back once you try.

Anything else?

Well, it smells a bit as soon as you open it; you know, that typical plastic smell… but besides that, there is little more that can be said about the mat, in all honesty: there is an enjoyable resistance when the mouse slides on the mat. Much depends also on what kind of mouse you have. I have a rather classic Logitech M510 wireless mouse

 (love it!) and it’s rubber feet fit the Steelseries QCK XXL just like it did with the older and smaller QCK. The way one uses a mouse is a very personal matter, so I can only say that to me, this combination of mouse + Steelseries QCK XXL feels “right”. The liberty given by the sheer size of the mat is the real added value here. It’s the experience that makes the experience worth those 40 euros.