Speed Up Your WordPress Site

The definitive tip to make your WordPress Site load faster

First things first: This post aim is to give you a good tip to speed up your WordPress blog. This tip is intended for all those people who have a blog on a shared server, not too many visitors (some thousands per month), and have an intermediate knowledge of the way internet works. This is, essentially, most of the people that use WordPress for personal or semi-pro blogging.

The Need Speed Up Your WordPress Site

I am sure you have heard it: Google wants your website to load fast. The faster your website loads, the better. And the better ranking on search engines.

Now, just like me, you might be blogging for passion, for fun or for any reason. You believe that your website should offer the best experience to the visitors, even if you pay your hosting only 18€ a year. Also, you believe your content should rank high, because what you write is worth it. I agree. So what can you do?

The answer is:


CloudFlare is possibly the most effective way of speeding up your website. What it does is automatically optimize the delivery of your web pages. The final result visitors get the fastest page load times and the difference between “before” and “after” is sensational. The basic (and most important tools) are for free. You will not need the extra tools unless you are a pro, in which case you are reading the wrong article!

This is the fact: you could install all the plugins to optimize the details of your website. Minify JS and CSS, Move JS to the bottom, CDN, etc, but the fact is: CloudFlare does it all for you in few simple clicks.

Some images to prove:

Results before CloudFlare has speed up your WordPress site
Results after CloudFlare has speed up your WordPress site

As you can see, loading time went from 3.31 seconds to 0.47 seconds.

How do you set up CloudFlare?

You will not have to download a plugin for CloudFlare. Instead, you will have to go on CloudFlare’s website and sign up. You will be guided by hand on how to set up your first website. If you follow the instructions carefully, you shouldn’t have problems. The only difficulty that can arise concerns DNS and the “nameservers” and having to change them. Since the solution changes for every provider, I advise a Google search: “change nameservers <insert provider name here>”, I am positive you will find your solution there.

Once CloudFlare has made its magic: well done! A (much) quicker WordPress blog!


Some small tips from my experience:

  • Disable other plugins that might conflict with CloudFlare. They become obsolete and might disrupt the loading of your blog.
  • Use a simple theme. “Less is more”, from the design point of view. But also “Less is less to load” from the downloading point of view.
  • A good host is still good to have.
  • Web site speed test are useful, but don’t expect to get a perfect score! Let it go…
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