Arctic Accelero Mono PLUS + GeForce 1660 Ti – is it compatible?

Arctic Accelero Mono PLUS + GeForce 1660 Ti – is it compatible? No, but actually, yes:

  • No, it is not compatible: the holes on the Arctic Accelero Mono PLUS will not align with your GeForce 1660 Ti and you will not be able to screw all four screws to your PCI board.
  • Yes, it is compatible: The Arctic Accelero Mono Plus’ screw holes can align with two diagonal holes on 1660 Ti PCB.

Note that the following post has been tested only on the Video Card: MSI GTX 1660 Ti Ventus XS OC. I cannot guarantee that the Mono PLUS will be more or less compatible with another version of the 1660 Ti.

The problem with the Arctic Accelero Mono PLUS and the MSI GTX 1660 Ti Ventus XS OC

I think the problem and workaround are better explained by the following photo:

Arctic Accelero Mono PLUS attached to a GeForce 1660ti
Testing if the Arctic Accelero Mono PLUS bracket is attachable to a 1660ti at all.

As you can see, before properly attaching the cooler I gave it a quick try to test if anything was possible. The result was that aligning all the four holes of the Mono PLUS to the PCB of the graphic card is impossible, no matter the way you would turn the Mono’s bracket.

Accelero Mono PLUS and a 1660 Ti: Compromises, compromises, compromises!

But! As you can see from the image above, it is possible to align only two screw holes from the Mono PLUS to the 1660 Ti PCB. This is far from ideal, but at least the two screws are diagonally screwed in though, allowing a little more even weight dispersion.

You also see that the GPU is slightly offset to the left and is off-center.

Luckily the Mono has a huge, and adjustable, heatsink base which allows you compensate for this.

Accelero Mono PLUS and a 1660 Ti: Performance, performance, performance!

GeForce GTX 1660 Ti ARMOR 6G OC next to the new cooler: Arctic Accelero Mono PLUS

So: It looks horrible, it’s attached using half of the screws it should, and it’s offset and off-center. How does it perform then?

The Mono PLUS on a GeForce 1660ti performs excellently, just like it did on the 1060, even with all the compromises mentioned in this post:


A very cool 57°C average, and super-quiet.


Would I recommend this solution? Not to an inexperienced PC builder, no. It’s suboptimal, very far from perfect, and the risk of physically damaging your GPU is high.

Having said so… if you like to have fun and get stressed, and whenever you do something to your PC you end up thinking “why do I keep doing this?”, but ultimately you are proud of your unique machine, then yes! Do it!